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About Us

Spinal Solutions Ltd started with two osteopaths’ genuine desire to move from treating musculoskeletal problems to prevent them from starting in the first place. They frequently found that the primary cause of the problems presenting to them related to the work place.


Spinal Solutions Ltd is passionate about preventing injuries. Their founders instigated one off assessments and found that by going back to the core of problems they achieved great results with positive outcomes, not only for their patients but also for the employers who recorded reduced absenteeism, improved productivity and a happier workforce.


Spinal Solutions Ltd applies core osteopathic principles to workplace assessment; they take a more holistic approach to managing musculoskeletal injuries and by doing so, achieve a more complete overall success rate in reducing injuries and absenteeism and increasing productivity, contentment and a general sense of wellbeing at the workplace.


Our aim


Spinal Solutions Ltd provides total solutions in the prevention of work related injuries via training, education and consultancy.


Our ultimate aim is to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and reduce related unnecessary absenteeism and therefore associated costs to our clients. We want to help taught her to determine compromised positions of the body during activity, which potentially can lead to injury. By subtly changing the sequencing pattern of the muscles and improving the position of the joints during more strenuous activities such as lifting, injuries can be prevented.


She has applied this methodology in clinic with a high degree of success. She has extended this to the workplace by providing on-site osteopathy, DSE assessments, manual handling training and general ergonomic guidance and advice. She has also completed courses in ergonomics and manual handling which are accredited by the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.


Beatrix Jung Adams, M.Ost, DipSM, Consultant and Founder
including anatomy, physiology and pathology on a daily basis. She attended courses in ergonomics and manual handling which are accredited by the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors in order to support her patients avoid long-term musculoskeletal injuries.


Prior to becoming an Osteopath, Beatrix worked as a senior manager in an international medical publishing company for over 13 years. As an Operations Director; she experienced first-hand how unsuitable working conditions can lead to inefficiency, errors, as well as physical and mental stresses. She also found that the basic health and safety assessments often fell short of fulfilling their purpose and simply could not accommodate everybody. She became aware of Osteopathy when several of her employees benefited from treatment and useful postural advice. She realised then that prevention and understanding the cause of the injuries was as important as the treatment itself.