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Back 2 Work

These are designed to get employees back to work safely with individualised programmes which may include specific exercise advice, graded return to work schedules, monitoring and rehabilitation.


The return to work of absent employees needs to be handled a normal work routine

  • Back 2 Work schedule negotiation and advice on how to steadily increase working hours and tasks to one that benefits both the employer and employee
  • Regular meetings and conversations to ensure a smooth Back 2 Work process
  • Regular monitoring of employee at work to ensure the Back 2 Work process is not being delayed or hampered in any way
  • Rehabilitation treatment and advice supporting the Back 2 Work process if necessary
  • Benefits


    • Reduce time of absence and associated costs
    • Hasten Back 2 Work process and associated costs
    • Improved communication
    • Remove and resolve any obstacles in the Back 2 Work process
    • Decrease of possible litigations for workers on longer-term sick leave